1-81 Agency / Wholesale of goods New York / Los Angeles

They provide wholesale, branding and corporate agency services in the U.S. specializing in Japanese brands, and have established showrooms in LA and NY. Herbert Johnson, the president of the company, has experience as a manager at Tortoise General Store in Los Angeles, and has a strong influence on stores that carry Japanese products in the U.S. and has a network of over 1,500 select stores. He has been the coordinator of JETRO’s overseas expansion support platform in New York since 2020.

Sanko Kitchen Essentials / select shop San Francisco


North America’s first online exhibition specializing in “Japanese brands”. It is affiliated with BRANDBOOM, a platform that boasts 150,000 registered buyers and handles everything from general merchandise to fashion, and Japanese language support is also available.

Art and Fish / Sushi Restaurant & Grocery Los Angeles OFFICIAL HP

Based in the trendy Arts District of Los Angeles, this restaurant serves sushi and seafood bowls by procuring the freshest ingredients.
It has a grocery space that sells processed marine products and other food items.
Frequent events are held by government and local businesses, making it a base for disseminating information about Japanese food.

California Fish / Fish and food wholesale Los Angeles

A distributor focusing on marine products, doing business with more than 200 restaurants mainly in Los Angeles. The company has a wide network of customers ranging from Michelin sushi restaurants to high-end American restaurants.

Yakiniku Otaki / Yakiniku restaurant, YAZAWA MEAT exclusive dealer Yokohama

Exclusive dealer of brand beef meat, YAZAWA MEAT. It has been ranked No. 1 in Yokohama in the yakiniku (grilled meat) section of the Tabe log site (a Japanese foody site), and has been selected as one of the “100 best restaurants” in Yokohama. The restaurant has received many requests from the media for interviews, and its original menu is also popular, including “Hanbibi,” a Hamburg steak made from A5 black Japanese beef with a variety of rare parts and A5-ranked meat, served in a bibimbap-like arrangement.

Origami Magazine / Media Seattle OFFICIAL HP

ORIGAMI MAGAZINE is a lifestyle magazine that serves as a bridge between Japan and the United States, bringing Japanese lifestyle to American readers in English.
It is available in digital and printed magazine editions. The magazine’s content focuses on trends of interest to U.S. consumers, including Japanese culture, cuisine, travel, and the arts.
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